Jonathan Pitts

Profile Updated: October 19, 2008
Residing In: Meridianville, AL USA
Occupation: Internet Tech Support, Author, Business Owner
Children: Aislinn Devae Pitts, born September 13, 2004
Yes! Attending Reunion

Wow, a great deal has happened. Majority of the bigger events have been happening over the past year. I graduated from Alabama A&M University with a B.S. in Computer Science in 2004. I've been married and divorced (long story). I have a beautiful baby girl who just turned 4 years old. I'm a licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I accepted my calling in 2004. I'm the founder of Christworks International, a group of businesses made to glorify God and open the door for people to receive products, services, and opportunities that will lead them right back to God. I'm also the founder of Glory Graphic Design. This is the entity through which I do my websites and computer artwork. I've written 3 books this year so far (I've got at least 1 more that will be done before the year is out). How To Draw Time, How To Draw Time-Workbook, and The Big 10 (fiction). The one I'm working on now is How To Draw Time for Churches. I'll be starting a radio show based on How To Draw Time call "Drawing Your Day" and I'll be looking for the opportunity to start a TV show as well. I'm very active in my church, House of Restoration Family Fellowship Church in Huntsville, AL. And uh, I think that's it. I'm expecting some great and amazing things to happen in the years to come.

School Story:

Hmmm, everything related to the band. I mean everything was funny. "No Shortcuts to Success! Repeat!" Oh my God, ya'll remember when Chicken Day was taken away? That was the most depressing day ever! I remember the assembly when a song was sang honoring Chicken Day to the tune of Boyz II Men's "It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday." Hilarious. "Cause it's so haaaard, to say goodbyyyyyye, to Chicken Daaaayyyyyeeeeeee." *sniff* I told myself I wasn't gonna cry. LOL!

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